Thursday, 10 January 2008

I am finishing the results of my second alphabet explosion. After about 40 new alphabets I began to see too much repetition to make it worth continuing making new ones. I am now inking the last few alphabets. Here are two examples that I like better than the others:
I don’t know other people who design alphabets too. Not personally, I mean. I do this because it is fun to do. Of course I still hope that there will be some interest in my work one day, but I gave up trying to get this published. There seems to be no market for comic style hand lettered alphabets. There is already so much!
I just googled around a bit and stumbled upon a site where letters are sold per piece, for 4 dollars each. Are there really people buying that?! Wow!
A few years ago I noticed that many people had difficulties writing the @ symbol ( in Dutch it is called a monkey tail; I don’t know the English name for @). I tried to figure out how it could be written best, and ended up with this:
For 4 dollar I gladly make a unique, personalised @ for you.