Wednesday, 16 January 2008

His real name is Maarten de Meulder, but the mail that i got from him a few days ago was signed with Meul.
I haven’t had contact with him for years, and his mail came as a nice surprise. A day later I received an envelop in my mailbox with some flexi records, which was also a very nice surprise. Maarten had announced these records in his mail, but he said that is was only a bunch of crap. Well, let’s call that a matter of taste.
I first met Maarten when he was the publisher of the best comic fanzine that Holland ever had, Striprofiel. That was in the early eighties. I wrote for that magazine for a few years, and after he stopped making the zine, we continued to meet on comic conventions. After Striprofiel dedicated all his time and energy to the unearthing, conservation and publication of the work of Jean Dulieu, the creator of Paulus de Boskabouter. But because i don’t go to comic convetions anymore, i haven’t seen Maarten anymore either. Here is the Paulus website.
I love these flexi records more than any other records. Among the ones that Maarten sent me were two records that I had never seen before. There are so many of these flexi records! The problem is that that they have no value, especially when they have no sleeves, and there is little interest in them. You cannot buy hem in record stores; I get most of them through people like Maarten, who send them to me.
Here is one of the flexi’s, an aerobic dance instruction by Penny de Jager, published by a magazine called Leef, in 1982. If you would love to hear more aerobic dance records, just say so; I think I have at least fifteen of these records. Hey: you can even buy them from me if you want that!


Marieke Bouwens

2008-09-05 09:15:58

mijn moeder is helemaal wacko van penny de jager aerobic hubsieflupsie. Ze heeft kassettebandjes en is bang dat die kapot gaan, dus vroeg ze mij of ik die niet op cd kon opnemen. Ik heb geen idee hoe dat moet, dus toen dacht ik…. Zou u voor mij misschien die records als mp3 bestand via i-net naar mij kunnen sturen? Ik wil er ook voor betalen… Haar kassettebandje heet geloof ik “dans je fit”, maar ik denk dat andere dingen van penny ook in de smaak vallen als u die ene niet heeft.
b.v.d. :)
gr’s Marieke