Woo Hoo

Thursday, 3 January 2008

On a tape that I recorded from a Dutch radio show (by Stoffer & Benz, but I don’t remember the name of the show) is a song that I wish I knew/had more of. So, if anybody can help me out with some more information about this track, please do.
Here it is:

It falls in the same category as Woo hoo by The Rockateens, but it is a different composition. Well, maybe the word composition is not the best description, but you know what I mean.
For good comparison, here are The Rockateens:

Since I don’t like to write stories without at least one illustration, are here the covers of little fake cassette tapes.
In stead of tapes the little boxes contained chewing gum. I bought them about ten years ago, for my fake music collection. More about that very interesting sub genre later!



2008-01-04 17:03:21

Hi Frits

The song is “Esquerita And The Voola” by Esquerita.
And, hey!, somebody did a youtube thing with it:


2008-01-27 07:42:42

Thanks! I will put that video up in my YouTube blog.