Thursday, 24 January 2008

I cannot remember if I already told here that I re-started my I guide, You Tube blog. I stopped writing it for a month or so, but I began to miss it, so a few weeks I picked it up again. And I have seen some amazing new video’s!
Ruud Hulleman sent me a link to another site where you can see video’s that are uploaded by fans. It is called Stage6 and there are not as much videos to be seen as on YouTube, but the video’s can be seen in full length. I mean,they are not cut up into 10 minutes segments, as on YouTube.
The video that impressed me most so far is a press conference about anomalies on pictures taken of Mars. Every has seen the so called Face, but there is much more on the pictures (which, if they are not fake, means that it is also on the surface of Mars) that makes me wonder what it means. For some people it is clear that there are artificial structures on Mars. And trees, and machines, flying saucers and much more. I don’t know. I must say that some things, that can be seen on the pictures, are very difficult to explain in terms of rocks and dust.
Here is a link to this video.