Sky Radio

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

This week I have had a painting job in a house where Sky Radio was playing all day. In case you don’t know it: Sky Radio is a computer that has about 1000 songs on hard disc, which are played according a careful written formula. I only need to hear two songs to know that I am listening to Sky Radio. There is nothing wrong with these songs, it is the fact they play ONLY these songs, that makes it wrong. It is a brainwash.
The strange thing about most of the songs that are on the hard disc of robot radio stations like Sky Radio is that they are about Unconditional Love. The singers/songwriters may think that the song is about the love between two persons, but I always hear that the lyrics of these songs are variations on one and the same theme: Unconditional Love. All over this planet there are thousands of teachers, guru’s and other people trying to explain the concept of Unconditional Love and how to realise it. Usually with little result. But the very same concept is 24 hours per day explained in thousands of lyrics of love songs on robot radio stations. Why nobody seems to notice this strange fact, is a complete mystery to me.
While painting in that house for six days in a row, I got so many new insights in the concept of Unconditional Love that I could barely handle it. Listening to all these mind blowing lyrics felt like a trip. And I got paid for it!
I have written about this idea a few times in this blog. From the moment that I first realised that love songs are saying the exact same thing as every true religion or esoteric teaching, I have tried to share this insight/experience with others. But somehow hardly anybody gets it, or they do get it, but do not care. Some people even thought I was crazy. So I have become careful to talk or write about ideas like these.
But it would be ridiculous not to mention it after a week like this.
Here is a link to Sky Radio. Just click on the player and the teaching begins. While I wrote this they played “Show me heaven” and “No worries”.



2008-02-04 16:29:06

This made me laugh. A lot! You’re dead right.