Pieter Dorrenboom Part 4

Friday, 11 January 2008

My webmaster Arjen placed a search engine on this site. If you type in the name of Pieter Dorrenboom, you get a handful of links to pages where I have written about Pieter and his artwork. The idea was to get him to make his own website, but I am afraid that will take another decade.
If you Google his name you get a few hits, but for a man with such talent, there is far too little work of him to be seen on the Net.
I got an envelop with a long letter from his last week, and some new drawings. Man!
I show a few of these drawings here, and promise that you get to see the rest later.
This was all done for the Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper. I got the newspaper pages from Pieter, and that explains the rather muddy colours. Be sure that the original artwork looks much better! I would like if you complain about that , so I can tell that to Pieter. Maybe that will help to push him over the digital treshold.
In the envelop were also some great soul 45’s. I send Pieter all the beat records that I find, and he sends me the soul records in return. I think that he sends me more than I send him, and his records are also better than mine, but I will not complain about that.
In this envelop was a beautiful James Brown 45 that I didn’t have yet (more about that later in the James Brown Week!), but I was most surprised by the flip side of a Mongo Santamaria hit ( Green Onions ). Both songs are on the Soul bag LP. But I don’t have that LP. I am not particular fond of the so called boogaloo soul, but you can wake me up for me jazzy Latin soul 45’s like this one. Here is Mongo Santamaria’s Latin soul version of “Green onions”.