Monday, 28 January 2008

My son is deep into Dutch hiphop. Every now and then he sends me a link to YouTube video of a band that he likes, and of course the thin walls that separate us gives me plenty of opportunity to enjoy his music.
Last week I asked him if he could make me a CD with some of his favourites, and today I found that CD on my desk. There are 25 raps on the CD, and no information.
A good thing about Dutch rappers is that they often mention their name in their raps. And because I listen to Tegenwicht voor Evenwicht, I know quite a few names. But most of the songs on this CD are new to me, and I think that many songs are recorded from YouTube, Hyves, MySpace or places that I don’t know of.
It is interesting to hear that the boy has a taste. I could not define it if I had to, but the 25 tracks have certain qualities in common. And not only a high frequency of four letter words. There also musical commonalities, and a certain kind of voices that he seems to like. I prefer staccato spitting with a sharp diction, but my son seems to like more mean and lean rappers that mumble a bit.
I have not done any counting, but I think that per minute there at least fifteen people or groups of people are seriously offended, five women fucked in various ways, and one or two rappers killed on this CD. I am sure that this is a subliminal message for me, because I am his father, and he knows that I hate all this.
Here is one of the tracks on this heart-warming digital present.