White holes

Thursday, 17 January 2008

I once got a tape from Mark Reeve, with a recording on it of a friend of him. The guy is telling a beautiful theory about how things get into this world. His idea is that thrift shops are some sort of white holes, through which objects enter our 3D reality.
It is a nice way to explain the incredible amounts of records and books that nobody whatsoever has any interest in. I never believed that people really bought a James Last LP when it came out, and certainly not ten million people!
Flexi records seem to come into our world through this channel too. There are far more flexi records on earth than there were ever produced here. Dirk Koorn gave me another pile of these records, and again I didn’t know half of them.
The most interesting flexi record in the pile is one with the voice of Isaac Stern on it. The record was once a give away with an issue of the Music Herald. I had never heard of that magazine, but on the Net you can find a lot of interesting information on the Music Herald.
I didn’t know who Isaac Stern was, so I googled it up. He was a famous violinist, and a student of Casals. On the flexi he talks about Casals. I didn’t know who Casals was either, so I googled him up too.
It is now almost two hours after i began writing, and I am to tired now to write the story about thrift shops & white holes that I had in mind. Long live the Internet!
Here is Isaac Stern: