The Grey Album

Monday, 14 January 2008

While surfing, I stumbled upon a video of one of the tracks on the Grey Album that DJ Danger Mouse made in 2004. You probably have the CD, but since it is completely unclear nowadays who knows what, because there is so much of everything, I want to share this video with you anyway. I had never seen it until a few hours ago, and I think it is brilliant. You can find it here.
Somebody asked me if my anti-Beatles attitude is for real or just a pose. Well, it is both. I rarely listen to the Beatles records, but of course I can hear that these guys where from another dimension when they made their records. The problem that I have with the Beatles’ songs is that they are perfect. Perfection doesn’t really inspire me. I prefer to hear music that is a bit, eh, well, more like this.




2008-01-14 04:49:39

Geweldige clip!