Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just finished the lettering of the French edition of “The Professionals”, a comic by Gimenez. That is about all that i have been doing for the past few days, so there is not much else to share with you. Here are some of the titles that i did for the Gimenez book:

And here is a drawing that i did yesterday:

I found a real cool bunch of records at a second hand store this morning. 20 lp’s and 29 45’s to be exactly. Mainly soul and disco, but also some Dutch stuff, like the first LP by Peter Koelewijn en zijn Rockets. I have never seen that one!

I have almost all the songs on other LP’s and CD’s, but still this is a great find. Here is one of my favourites, Janus, recorded on 1960. Peter Koelewijn en zijn Rockets were probably the only Dutch band that could compete with the Indo-rock bands of those days. And i love their Dutch touch in combination with some real exciting rock’n’roll:



2011-07-27 10:20:35

“maar zijn achterlijf was net een olijf met een plukkie haar d’rop” “Nee, zo niet Janus!”

prachtige plaat.


2011-07-27 14:19:06

Ja, hoe vaker ik de tekst beluister hoe briljanter ik hem vind.