Monday, 25 July 2011

From an early age on i have had a fanatic interest in all possible mysteries. I must have read hundreds of books on mysteries but in stead giving me any proof that i hoped for, i lost my belief in all the theories, claims and wild ideas that fill these books. Which is till continue to read, by the way, although not as much as i used to do.
This is a book that i have read last week:

Colin Wilson has written dozens of books on mysteries. He tries to keep up some objectivity, but he is too much a lover of great stories to be really objective. I love his books for the ideas that he describes in between the descriptions of cases. In this book there are some real cool ideas. Like this one:

In the introductin of the book Colin Wilson debunks the famous claim by Lyall Watson in his book “Supernatural”. Lyal Watson claims to have seen a girl turn a tennisball inside out with mind power. I even sent him mail many years ago, asking for proof of this claim, because i loved the rest of the book, but could not believe this story. Neither could Colin Wilson, and he writes that later Lyall Watson admitted to him that he has made it all up.