Outta' Sight

Thursday, 28 July 2011

What to do with a sealed LP? I have not found many in my life. At least not ones that were worth buying. But here is one that i bought the day before yesterday:

Based on the bands and the songs listed on the back of the sleeve i doubt if i will really like this LP enough to keep it. The names of the bands sound better than most of the bands sound on YouTube. Like The Stone Poneys:

Or The Human Beinz:

Maybe this LP is worth some money when it stays sealed, but i wanted to hear Dave Allan & The Arrows playing “Theme from Thunderball”, so i opened it. And boy, what a lousy song that is! If anybody is interested in this LP (unsealed), just ask.



2011-07-29 16:51:38

This really was just the perfect album for my sealed collection, thanks Frits!


2011-07-29 17:17:59

Ik plak hem wel weer dicht met plakband, Aris. Hij ligt voor je klaar!