Friday, 24 April 2009

What I showed yesterday are attempts to come up with something “alien”. That is impossible: I don’t know who said it, but you cannot draw a new life form. Such animals will always be composed of parts known animals, plants or refrigerators or whatever. there are limits to our imagination, and alien life forms are beyond our mental reach. Which, of course, is never a reason not to try and imagine what alien life forms could look like. At the contrary: I love to bite my mental teeth in things that are impossible! You never get what you aim for, but you sure get a lot of ideas and insights along the way. Many inventions that changed the world were the off spin or by products of the search for a perpetual motion machine, a proof of God or the Philosopher’s stone.
Here are some more attempts to visualize alien life forms:

Let there be no doubt that I know that these drawings are far from spectacular. I just did them for fun, to see what would end up on paper. And I had a box with left over crayons, that I didn’t want to throw away.
When it comes to thinking about alien life forms, I like Terence McKenna best. He stretched imagination further than anyone else that I know of. But in science fiction there are also some fascinating ideas about alien life forms. It could be clouds of atoms, music, digital data, or even linguistic strucures in our own mind!
I have a record on which the crew of the Starship Enterprise encounters an alien life form that is Music. Unfortunately I could not find that record today. But I did find several other Star Trek records that I had almost forgotten about. Like these wacky two 45’s on the Peter Pan Records label. The voices are not those of the original cast.

Here is one of these stories, ”The Time Stealer”:




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Ever read this (classic) short scifi story? ‘They’re made out of meat’, By Terry Bisson:


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