Rose Panters

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I have not mentioned Robert Long yet in my stories about Dutch gay records. But his role within the liberation of the Dutch homo musicalis was certainly of great importance. Even my parents had his LP’s and listened to them. Not only did he record some great songs, especially on his first LP’s, he also gave one of his LP’s a sleeve with the opening on the wrong side. If I had to choose one song from his oeuvre for the Dutch Pink Panthers CD, it would probably the duet that he recorded with Leen Jongewaard, about the way “jofel” Amstaredam deals with gays. But that song is not on the LP that I wanted to share with you today:

Robert Long does a nice rant against the Dutch gays on this LP, which he calls cowards for not coming up for their rights. But I want to stick with songs for this project. There are not much songs on this LP; it are basically speeches. De Zangeres Zonder Naam sings a song about Anita Bryant, a popular American anti-gay activist of those days, and this live version should at least be on the bonus CD of the Pink Panters Collection. She is announced by Mies Bouwman, by the way.who hosted the “Miami nightmare” show, of which parts are on this LP.




2009-04-12 01:39:37