Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Years ago I got freeware from Ruud H., called Clickster. I rarely use it, but it searches for mp3’s that are not illegal. That is what they say, but it is not true: it searches for mp3’s that are offered on websites for download. I can type I a word or name and than I get a list of all the mp3’s that this software can find. And I can download them. I have a limited version of the software, that stops downloading after a while, but I don’t mind: I have found some nice tunes with this ditty.
Last night I discovered that this software also has a feature that enables to record radio streams. I have no idea how it works exactly, but I noticed that after listening to Eckhart Tolle for a three hours, I had three hours of mp3’s on my hard disk!

I could not find the URL of the radio station that broadcasts lectures of Eckhart Tolle, I can only listen to it through Clickster. I don’t really mind; the computer and the internet are to a large degree a mystery to me, and I usually accept that with little effort, because I have a lot of fun with it.
I can now use these mp3’s for the radio show that I make for radio Patapoe’s night broadcasts. Eckhart Tolle is what is called a spiritual teacher, and he is specialised in the NOW. I loved his first book, ”The power of NOW, but I didn’t really like all the other books. These lectures are great, and to my surprise Eckhart Tolle shows some nice sense of humour here and there. And what he has to say about the workings of the mind, the power of NOW, and Essence is exceptionally clear and inspiring. Here is one of the mp3’s that ended up on my computer last night: