Saturday, 18 April 2009

My brother (Rudi) made a better version of the drawing that I made of Eckhart Tolle last week:

I knew, when I made that drawing, that it was good, but I am also painful aware of the fact that I cannot “finish” my drawings. People sometimes think that I am just too lazy to do that, but I really have no feeling at all for colours, shadows, effects, etcetera. And I sure wouldn’t know how to do that with a computer. With the amount of artwork that I produce I cannot ask my brother to help me out every time; especially not because the work is not being sold or published anywehere except on this site. But last night my brother was here and he offered to re-do the Eckhart Tolle portrait, and that are no offers I don’t refuse, of course.
It is not only that I cannot do it, I cannot even imagine the kind of things that Rudi adds to my drawings. I can often hardly believe that it are my own drawing!
Rudi also re-did one of the “jewels”, or ”Demon Toys” as I named them.

I made about 50 of these alien jewels, all in black&white. (You can see them here.) But recently I got a book catalogue with covers of fantasy novels. On the covers of these books are often the same sort of semi abstract symbolic artefacts as I like to draw. Only on these book covers they look so much better than my black&white drawings. While I often think that my drawings are in essence better. If comparison is possible, of course.

Rudi also made three different versions of another Jewel, and of course I show all of them!