Monday, 27 April 2009

The Dutch Glam Rock CD is very good, let there be no doubt about that.

And it is a good compilation, with a balanced mix between classics and rarities. I wish I had all those records!
But there is quite a lot of nice Dutch Glam Rock that is not on this CD. When I was in Utrecht, where the CD was officially presented, I bought at least four Dutch Glam Rock records that I had never seen before. And I didn’t pay more than 1 euro for each record. I also bought at least ten British Glam Rock record that I didn’t have yet, often for less than 1 euro. And believe me, I didn’t search hard! So, there is still a lot of vinyl to be unearthed and collected in this beautiful genre.
Here is the best Dutch Glam Rock 45 that I found last week:

The song Guff on the B-side of this 1979 record is a real Glam gem:



geert jan westenbrink

2009-08-08 06:06:00

Dag Frits,
De link naar Guff werkt helaas niet! Jammer, want ik had het nummer graag nog eens willen horen. Heb de single zelf niet meer. Met vriendelijke groet, Geert Jan, de voormalige zanger van Superjones