Super 8

Sunday, 12 April 2009

I am far more into sound than into images. The photo’s, that I wrote about recently, are only a small collection. They fit in one box. And it that same box is also my home movie collection:

I have never seen what is on these super 8 movies. I guess it are about forty or fifty films, in various lengths. I just didn’t want to leave them where I found them (a flea market), and they were not very expensive.
As long as I don’t know what is on these films, it can be anything. Rare rock’n’roll shows, naked women, stolen objects!
I cannot remember if I have already mentioned the 45’s that were made as soundtracks to super 8 porn movies. These movies were silenced, but some brilliant guy came up with the idea to put a soundtrack on vinyl. Imagine the difficulty of trying to synchronize a record player and a movie projector when you are horny!
I gave away some of these 45’s, but here is the A-side of the soundtrack to “Die pissenden Modellen”: