Blije Geluiden

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

It took some time and effort, but I finished a new compilation with Dutch religious songs.

I called it ”Blije geluiden” ( ”Happy sounds” ), but not all 28 songs on this CD are happy. I already mentioned Pater K. Witmer, who made a beautiful EP with six songs, in which he expresses a rare combination of doubt and belief in a way that even people like you and me can enjoy. On this compilation I tried to avoid the serious attempts of some people to make themselves ridiculous. And I tried to choose songs with both lyrical and musical qualities. You get it why it took me so long to finish thsi CD. Although the amount of religious records that were made in Holland is beyond belief, there are only a few worth collecting.
While Dolf Hell and I were at the Record Fair in Utrecht last week, he bought me an EP of De Zingende Franciscanen:

The four songs on this surprisingly good EP are not explicit religious, so I hesitated to use them for this compilation, but I couldn’t resist this jewel:




2009-04-29 12:44:44

I’m so happy you included this on the compilation. In the early nineties, VPRO radio broadcasted on sunday afternoon on radio 2 and Rik Zaal had this nice item called “de koninginnendagplaat” (records that could well be found for a few cents at the free market in Amsterdam on Queens day, which-for foreign readers-happens to be tomorrow by the way)
I recorded a lot of those among which a single with the live-performance of “jammerplankie” which was in “Dunglish”, or babelfish-english as we now would call it. Lyrics to curl toes by…