De zak van Dirk

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Once again I got a bag with 45’s from Dirk Koorn. ”I guess you already have all the advertisement records”, he said. But the nice thing about advertisement records is that nobody ever will have all of them: there are so many of them that I always get new ones. In this case three:

The record made by Sterovita (koffiemelk) is by far the most interesting one. I have never heard of Sterovita, so even the three speeches on the A-side would have made my day. But the real surprise is on the B-side:

I have never heard or read of this record! It may not be the best advertisement record on this planet, but for me today it is.




2009-04-22 11:33:46

zing ‘ns mee van de zee! eindelijk eentje die ik ook heb. Leuke productie trouwens.