Ilford and Fuji

Friday, 10 April 2009

The photo’s made by W. Naberer (see yesterday) were still in the original paper envelopes in which they came from the company that developed the photo’s. In this case Ilford. I have eight different versions of these Ilford paper bags:

I have a small collection of such paper bags from other companies. I have no special interest in camera’s, I never make pictures. I just love this kind of advertisement material from the fifties and sixties. When you fold such an Ilford bag open, you see this:

The negatives are on the left side, and the printed photo’s on the right. In this case, only one out of five of the negatives were developed. I remember that the photo labs didn’t make prints if a photo was blurry. In the case of W. Naberer most photo’s were very blurry.
I tell you this story because yesterday I had to find one special paper bag of a specific brand for the advertisement record book. The book is now officially announced to be released in September. Here is the ad in the catalogue that Nijgh &Van Ditmar (the publisher) sent to the bookstores:

And here is an advertisement record that will not be in the book or on the CD’s.

It is made by Fuji, and the song ”Hou ‘t groen”, is written by Bakker, Twigt & Sliedrecht.