Fliberty jib

Saturday, 4 April 2009

For strange reasons many people seem to have little problems with the fact that they know only very little of all the knowledge available. I think it is because these people believe that they know “enough”. And also because they believe that what they know is “true”.
I never had these convictions. That made me a candidate for esoteric knowledge. This is knowledge that you think that you don’t have, but of which you don’t know what it is. It is not something that you can get from reading a book. It is ”hidden”. Not in the sense that some people are hiding it, but in the sense that you, or in this case I, cannot see or understand it. The fact that esoteric knowledge exists, has been proven to me, but I still have no idea how much and what kind of esoteric knowledge I am not seeing yet at this moment.
A Fool is an esoteric loudmouth: he or she just spreads whatever he or she knows, perfectly aware of the fact that is not heard for what it is heard by the people who listen. Maybe there will be one person that will realise the meaning later, but even that is not of the Fool’s concern. The truth is simply too important not to tell it. Long live the Fool!
Here is a great story by Ken Nordine about such a Fool: