The roots of rap

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Marthy Coumans writes this story on his blog:
”Ha haaaaa… Love to put on sille bloqs. Even if no one cares. Ha haaaaaa…. Who was the first ever Dutch Rap-band? Tell you as far as I can know I was in the first ever Dutch rap-band in 1982/ 83. We were called ‘Mama and the Kazoo meets Papa and the Toytrompet’. Great name ai?? Band consisted of electro musicians who made one 45 as ‘La Valse’ (which is now quite sought after in the Cold wave circuit) and Marcel and me (who would later be in the Four One and Only’s, were the vocalists). We thought ‘Rapper’s Delight’ was funny so wanted to do that kinda rappy-thing mixing it with cold wave and folk rock. Off course a rather insane and theoretical mix. We recorded 7 songs as praticedemo’s and I just found the demo again. I now upload 2 songs. I know it’s kinda retarded and bad but back in 82/ 83 nobody really knew what rappin’ was so we just made up our own thing. Songs are ‘Purple face’ and ‘Do you want to stand in line’. Hope the person who takes the time to check them out thinks he did not waste his time… ha haaaaaa… We were booked for one gig at the Art-school in Enschede but but the band broke up just one week before that. Would have been fun…”??
I had never heard this before! I can hardly believe it. Is this a joke or did these guys realy recorded this (and this ) in 1983?!
As far as I remember the first Dutch rap record was made by Alex & his City Crew. I must have both the seven and twelve inch versions, but I couldn’t find them tonight. I remember seeing Alex and his band performing live. Alex rapped nonsense English, I doubt if he spoke English at all. But this was at a time when hardly anybody in Holland had a clue what rap was about. Apart from Marthy and his friends, maybe…