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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Today I came home with this LP:

I knew it was in the making. It is a sort of Holy Grail for collectors of beat records: a compilation of 45’s from Iran.
On the inlay the political and cultural background of the music on the LP is explained. I don’t want to talk about politics or religion. It is clear that Iran is nowadays not a place to be for people like me. And even when the situation was better when the songs on this LP were recorded, in the 60’s and 70’s, this is not the kind of music I associate with a country like Iran. As the text on the inlay says: most records on this LP are unknown even to the record collectors in Iran!
The LP is intriguing: 17 rock’n’roll and beat songs with a structure and a sound that is unlike anything that has been produced in any other country. Of course it helsp to know that I am listening to some of the obscurest records ever pressed on this planet, but it is really an LP that seems to come from another galaxy. I cannot pick out one song that captures the feeling that I get when after I listened to the whole LP, so you better buy a copy yourself. You will not be disappointed, I promise you. And if you are, I gladly will buy the LP from you. This will be a collectors item within a few months.
Here is one of my favourite tracks, by a band called Group Sayeed:

By the way, the sleeve was made by Milan Hulsing. It is very appropriate. I didn’t recognise Milan’s hand, but when I saw the cover it immediately made my sensors bleep out loud.



2009-04-06 04:33:45

“you better buy a copy yourself” Dat wil dus zeggen dat hij momenteel in de handel is?


2009-04-16 07:50:14

Nou en of!