Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I like records that are about what I call the Mystery. Of course, everything can be considered a mystery, but I mean Life, the Mind and the relation between these two.
The mind is a beautiful function or instrument. But somehow there is something very wrong with the mind: it cannot see that it is part of everything else. The mind sees itself as something separate, something that exists apart from everything else. I am sure that this is not true, but it is not possible to prove or demonstrate this. To me, the mind is basically a set of automatic reactions and habits. Most of these habits have the form of thoughts: opinions, beliefs, convictions, ideas. And basically these thoughts are either about Life, about the mind itself, or about the relation between mind and Life. But they are usually very wrong. Just read a newspaper., watch a TV show or follow a conversation in a restaurant, and most of what you hear is complete untrue.
I like to be alone, because in the company of others I cannot stay very well in touch with Truth. I let myself carry away by what others say, I try to hard to understand it, and I forget that it is better not to think at all.
I often feel the desire to share my ideas on Life, mind and the relation between these two. But there are already so many people doing this, so I try to think of doing it in a way that is really different and really effective. So far, in the past nine years that I have been puzzling on this, I haven’t been able to come up with something that seems worth the effort. In the meantime I write about things that are not really my main interest. Last week I realised that this blog is becoming a monster: it is not what I want to have written when I breath out my last breath!
So, again I am thinking a lot about changing the content of this blog. The subjects are clear: Life, death, soul, time, eternity, mind, meditation, etcetera. The problem is how to address these subjects in a way that makes sense and is fun to read.
Today is great day for a change. It is April’s Fool Day. And Fools are people who do what I would love to do: just say what they think, without regard to what others think of it. Unlike ordinary fools, a Fool speaks the Truth, or at least the things that come as close to the Truth as is possible.
Here is a typical Fool’s song. If you are familiar with the Fool as an archetypical esoteric symbol, the text of this song must give you shivers. It is so true in a way that the Doobie Brothers probably didn’t meant it!




2009-04-01 04:27:44

You know, I really like that text you’ve written.

Always liked this song too BTW.


2009-04-01 07:56:12

Rochee is a monster, Frits, not this blog.. or oh what the hack…heck, hick, hock or huck? Or just hug. What a . ehm what a Frits believes.