Friday, 19 December 2008

I started lettering for Casterman 25 years ago or something. And Casterman is a publishing company that also publishes Tintin, the most famous comic book series of Europe.
The Dutch edition of the Tintin books that you can buy at this moment is NOT hand lettered. They re-translated all the books a few years ago and for mysterious reasons they choose to use an ugly type font in stead of a hand lettering. Of course, lettering all the Tintin books is a lot of work and that would cost some money, but these books have been best sellers for decades!
I did letter some Tintin books. I remember a Russian edition and several Esparanto editions, but never a Dutch edition.
The people that own the copyright over Tintin are not very easy going. Several people who used the character were sued, and I know at least of one book ABOUT Tintin, for which the author got no permission to use illustrations.
A few days ago I made this design, which I hope that Casterman wants to print on a T-shirt, but I give myself very little chance:

And here is another recent drawing, inspired by the Yin&Yang symbol, that I think would do well on a T-shirt:

The problem is that I haven’t been able to sell a design to a T-shirt company for a decade, and all my experiences in the years that I did work for T-shirt and postcard companies were pretty bad, to put it mildly. I would love to have an agent. Somebody to whom I can send all the stuff that I make, and who tries to sell it for me. Anybody looking for a job?


Red Bol

2008-12-19 07:46:51

You remind me of R. Stevie Moore. He is a musical genius with an unstoppable mind that made hundreds of cassettes, albums, video’s, dj stuff etc etc from the early 70’s untill now. His music is everything from the most difficult soundpieces up to the catchiest pop-tunes. Never in his life did he have a breakthrough to a bigger audiance (lord knows he made numerous songs that could have been instant hits) and he still has to struggle to earn a living. Now here is the thing. Both you and him lack the capability to focus on the one thing that is bound to get you the succes because your mind just floats off to the next project. Indeed you both are in need of an agent or a manager of some sort to market out the most commercial parts of what you do. Having that said I dread that day. I really like the continuous stream of great ideas to continue till you both drop ;-)

so check out r stevie at

btw: the Tintin thing is pretty great, but it will never happen due to his overprotectiv…