Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I spend half the day working on my scrapbooks. It is one of those projects that I have been doing all my life, wondering what on earth I would ever do with it. This is not stuff that any publisher is interested in, and because it all colour, I could not even make a zine of it myself. And then came the Internet: I can now make scans and upload the pages to my site, where they look even (on the screen, I mean) than they are in their original form, and it costs me virtually nothing. But so far I have not uploaded much. I have no idea how many scrapbook pages I have made, but way too much for putting them all up this site. Tonight I added a pile of new pages from ”My world” scrapbook to here and here.
There are many things that I like about these scrapbooks. First of all I love the illustrations and pictures, that I collect from newspapers and magazines for this purpose. They are all carefully selected, and there is not one image in these collages that doesn’t trigger my imagination in ways that little else does. I also love putting the different images together. Sometimes it doesn’t work: no matter how much I try, the images don’t seem to fit together into one page. Sometimes it seems that every piece of paper that I pick up from the table is perfect and it all falls together effortless. When I see certain pages back, I am reminded of how they were made. The best ones usually came easy, and the other way around. A third reason why I love these scrapbooks is that they are a diary. My interest has changed over the years, and so had the Zeitgeist. But this is me, this is very much what is on my mind.
This is one of my favourite pages:

Another highlight of today was a mail that got from good old Louwrens a.k.a. Loz. He send an mp3 of one of his recent one-man-band-demo’s too, and without asking him for permission to share it with you, here it is: The lights came on.