Thursday, 18 December 2008

There have been put many Amsterdam concerts online on the FAB channel.
I listened to some of them today while working, and I particularly liked James Hunter, The Brandnew Heavies, ZZZ and Solomon Burke. Just in case you had nothing better to do today!
And here is a video of a song that touches upon a very interesting subject: the question if how a person dance is an indication of her/his sexual qualities. The song is called ”Je danst zoals je in bed bent”, and the singer is Mondo Leone.

ILong ago I once dated a woman that turned out to have no sense of rhythm. I discovered that when we went out to dance. It was the first and only time I dated somebody who had this handicap. I was flabbergasted. It had a drastic effect on my feelings for that woman and it still puzzles me how a person can have no sense of rhythm.



2008-12-18 05:26:59

According to the famous neurologist Oliver Sacks our sense of rhythm is an independent ability of the human brain and one can have a neurological defect which only affects the sense of rhythm, but leaves the other musical capabilities in tact.
Imagine what the brain must be able to do when you’re dancing ot a rhythm. It a.o. has to anticipate/prepare several muscle-actions to a sound which has yet to come. It has to be able to regocnize patterns in airpressure variating simultaneously in several frequencies. This takes a very complex network of neural connections. I can see every day with young children how this ability is being developped and how hard this is for some.

Although this doesn’t occur very often, it can happen that one turns out to be unable to develop this.
You can’t blame somebody for that, just like you can’t blame somebody for being colour blind.