Saturday, 6 December 2008

Hey! I just stumbled upon a record that the OKOK Society has released about a year ago or so. I remember that I wanted to write something about it, but it completely slipped my mind.
Here is the record:

The front side of the sleeve:

The inlay:

The back of the sleeve:

The letter that came with the record, with all the information you need to order a copy of this record yourself:

And last but not least, the B-side:

I got this record from Mark Reeve, one the persons that changed my life in ways that are so hard to describe that so far I have not even tried it. But since this is the Soundtrack of my life, I want to try and do that soon.



2017-10-29 13:55:33

Hi – are you interested in a 4 tape box set by okok society from 1999?