Pokra 53

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

De nieuwe Poezenkrant is uit!

The less frequent the magazine appears, the more I appreciate it. I am more a fan of the work of Piet Schreuders than of cats, and Piet makes other magazines that I liked better than the Poezenkrant. But it seems like a long time since I found one of his magazines on our doormat and I almost forgot how it feels.
Piet Schreuders still hasn’t got his own website, but he has recently began to use a Flicker account. Piet Schreuders uses Flicker in a way that makes me appreciate this medium much better than I did when I tried to make use of it myself. There so much of his work to see already! Still, I would love it if there was a complete Piet Schreuders website.
On the backcover of Poezenkrant #53 is a cover of an LP:

Unfortunately I don’t have that LP. But here is another cat tune. It is a mystery track: I have no idea who is the artist, but I like it quite a bit:



2008-12-17 03:19:07


2008-12-18 12:54:01

Piet is also an active Facebook user.


2008-12-19 09:04:31

Found you!