Humour beings

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I read, and listen to a lot of people’s ideas. I prefer the good ones, but I don’t mind the bad ones either. What I really find difficult to swallow are the humourless ideas. Or should I say the humourless people? I think that the new race will be “humour beings”. Right now, the present race that inhabits the earth is far from it. Cynicism is for me the opposite of humour. I have a pretty over-alert cynicism detector and I detect it in so many science and art, that on some days I better not listen, read or see anything at all.
Some cynicism is disguised as humour. I find that the most difficult to read, watch or listen to.
Today I watched/listened to some videos of a Michael Schermer, a professional sceptic. Micahel Schermer is very witty and highly intelligent. But also cynical. In one of his lectures, that I saw on YouTube, he tells a story about the beautiful song of Katie Melua:

Some scientist is said to have written an article in a newspaper about this song, in which he says that Katie Melua is wrong: the size of the universe is not a guess, but a well known fact. I always feel uncomfortable when people make such claims. For me nothing is sure, there are no absolute facts, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all I know is wrong. But Katie Melua reacted to this article in a way that touches me so deep that I want to share it with you. She sure is a Humour being!



2008-12-09 12:17:35

Yes, this is the ultimate response to such an article. Bravo Katie!!! and to all the other people who critized this song: boohooo!! I blow my nose at you!!