Last FM mystery

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Last night I listened to several seventies soul stations on Last FM. I do that every now and then, and as I have written somewhen in this blog, I used to be enthusiast over the way this music computer was programmed. But last night I discovered that something has been changed. Very sneaky!
First of all they have changed the overall programming: I heard all kind of songs that had nothing to do with the station/style that I asked for. Of course, I cannot prove that this used to be different until up half a year ago, but I am pretty sure that they have been re-writing the programs. I have memories of listening to a certain station for more than two hours and never hearing one single song that didn’t fit the description. But last night, after every two or three songs, they played a song that was totally out of place. It felt as if they wanted to force certain music upon me. First I thought that I was a bit paranoia, but when I listened with extra attention I noticed something else too, that made me pretty sure that there has been some serious messing going on here. In stead of the original versions, they played a lot of re-makes of songs. I am sure that I have heard the original versions in the past on the same stations! But now I heard imitations, by the same artists, but recorded later. Sometimes I took me a while to be sure, because it are well done imitations, but you cannot easily fool ears. I think that as much as two out of five songs were not the original versions.
Of course, it might be all coincidence. I will try to find out if that is the case. But I have a gut feeling that this is no coincidence at all. The question is: why? Why would they want to play re-makes/imitations in stead of original versions of seventies hits? Do they get paid to do that? I find this hard to believe.
If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.
Here is an original soul 45 from my shelves. This is what I want to hear. In case you don’t know the song and think it is a bit lame in the beginning, wait till the end of part one and the whole of part two.




2008-12-24 05:43:25

How did you listen? Did you listen to ‘tag radio’ (tracks that were tagges by users)? If that’s the case then it has nothing to do with, but with user tagging certain tracks in a certain way.