Niet zeuren, maar kleuren

Monday, 29 December 2008

The idea, to start an alternative site that offers drawings for children to colour, seems to resonate with some of the readers of this blog. So, here we go! What is needed first of all are inspiring, exciting and original black & white drawings in all categories. The main age of the children who like do colouring is between five and ten. When I told our children (9 and 14) that we maybe start such a site, I got all kind of suggestions. Like offering idea’s and scenarios for cartoons, and even complete courses. My brother has made a booklet in which he explains the basics of how to draw comic characters; stuff like that can be on the site too. But first we need enough black & white drawings to make it interesting for the visitors.
So, if you happen to be a (comic) artist or know some, or if you can offer other material to make such a site a success, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know. A good name is definitely needed first of all, by the way. My best suggestion so far is the title of this story.
I spend the Christmas days with my love’s family in Germany, and apart from reading a tremendous great novel and eating some delicious “aardappelkroketten”, I made some more Luchtkastelen. Here they are:

Next time more about that novel!
And here is a “Luchtkasteel” that Aris coloured.

He did it on a computer, which is of cours also a feature that the site must have.



2008-12-29 05:11:34

The’re beautiful again. Especially the treehouse. I’d like to live in that drawing for a while!


2009-01-02 03:12:52

I’m still looking for sitenames for our coloring-site-to-be. We now have,, and my love came up with I haven’t checked the availability of these names yet, but maybe there are even better names to be found..


2009-01-02 04:17:36

Nou, Tabularasa vind ik veruit het mooist. Maar hoe gaan kinderen het vinden als het woord kleurplaat niet in de naam voorkomt? Ik bedoel, Tabularasa zal niet vaak worden gegoogled door onze doelgroep.


2009-01-02 05:56:07


wat about: kleurplaats?
Of kleurhuis of kleurmolen of kleurparadijs of…..
Liefs Gabi


2009-01-02 06:06:18

Kleurplaats! Het wordt een hit! En dan kan Tabularasa een onderdeel van Kleurplaats worden.

Arjen van Bochoven

2009-01-02 11:10:21 is helaas al bezet door zo’n stomme linkverkoper.. is nog vrij, net als Hebben jullie een voorkeur?


2009-01-02 12:11:19

Net klinkt beter dan org. Maar ik laat het aan jou.