Sunday, 14 December 2008

For Sinterklaas I gave my love the CD by Adele. She likes female singers with a sentimental touch. I actually hoped that the CD would be more on the wild side. I just close listened to the whole CD tonight and to the accompanying bonus CD (with a complete concert and one track with a band that I wish had been with Adele in the studio on all the songs!). It is very wel done, but just not my cup of tea. I secretly hope that my love is not to enthusiast about the CD either, because if so, I have to listen to it next time when we rent a car, and I prefer to play our Amy Winehouse and Mathilde Santing CD’s.
I just discovered some great videos of Mathilde on Youtube. Like the one in which she sings a song in Dutch for a television show, that I happened to have seen when I visited my father. My dad watches television like zombie, and I always have to fight to stay awake while sitting next to him when I am at his place. On this particular afternoon that was easy, because the performance of Mathilde was touching me in places where I wish I was not touched at that moment. I mean, I love my dad, and I am pretty sure he loves me too, but we don’t really have found ways to express that. And to sit next to each other while Mathilde is singing this song, is not easy:

Mathilde sings in Dutch every now and then, but not as often as I wish she would. Long time ago she sang a few songs in Dutch for a radio show, which I recorded. One of the songs was written by Jules de Korte, and it is about a death child. If you can understand Dutch, and if you are a parent too, beware when you hit the play button.

And here is another video of Mathilde singing in Dutch: