Happy New Year

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

For a recent car trip to Dusseldorf, where we went to spend Christmas with my love’s family, I made a CD with some songs that I know my love loves. Some of the songs on this CD them were recent finds, like the sleeveless 45 of the 1980 Euro Song Festival hit by Johnny Logan, that i bought a few weeks ago. I think I must have seen that Festival on television, but I cannot remember it. Nor do I am a fan of Johnny Logan. But my love is, and so here is the video of that event:

Happy New Year to all of you, and to the ones you love,and especially to the ones you don’t love!
(I am still looking for a copy of a cassette tape that is said to be circulating. Well, when I first heard about it, it was a tape, but I guess it is a CD now. On it are all the bands and singers who were on a Eurovision Song Festival and who were sent home with No Points ( Zero Points, Keine Punkte !). Paul de Leeuw once mentioned this tape in a radio interview, but I have never met anybody who had a copy of it.)



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Happy New Year Frits