Kerstpost 2008 part 1

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Here is part 1 of the wishes that I got over the mail last year. I didn’t send anything myself this time. It is not that I don’t wish people the best, I just wasn’t in the mood for making something. Apart from the stuff that arrived in my e-mail box, there were also some nice things yhat arrived as objects on our doormat. I hope that I can find the time to show all of it to you, but when I look at our agenda, I doubt that pretty much.

And here is New Years message that Bert Kiekens send me. I really love this Internet stuff, but there are only two people who mail it to me.
And here is the recent issue of Prime Time Magazine, this time totally digital. They included an mp3 of what Jan& Jan said is the best Christmas song of 2008, ”Power pop Santa” by The Pointed Sticks.