Ego part 2

Friday, 2 January 2009

Tonight finished the second comic page that I draw for a Dutch Buddhist magazine, “Rigpa nieuwbrief”. Rob Chrispijn writes it, I only do the artwork. That feels pretty uncomfortable, because I use to be the writer, but that was part of the plan. It is a pleasure to do things that I can do very well, but it is far more exiting to try new things.

When I started this site, now more than two years ago, I had many plans that never were realised. One plan was to (re-)write a series of articles on The Matrix. This is definitely my favourite movie, but it is the ideas, that are expressed in this movie, that made me write about it. But whenever I read such texts written by others, I always get the feeling it doesn’t work, that this is not how it should be done. And as long as I also have this feeling with my own writings, I rather keep my writings in the drawer, until I find a better way to say what I would like to say.
What stops me most of all is the idea that nobody is interested nor helped by good advices on how to live. This was not true for me: I am forever thankful to at least a handful of people who wrote their best ideas down and got them published. But times seem to have changed: there seems to be far more information than is needed. Maybe I am wrong, but I have the impression that there are almost as much people that write and talk about how Life works than there are people who want to hear this information.
Anyway, here is a nice song from the Animatrix Project, which I like much better than the part two and three of the real movie.