Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Recently I had another art attack. After I had made all the variations on the Yin&Yang symbol, I started making all kind of other drawings of what looked like sketches for pieces of art deco jewellery. There was one drawing that I liked better than the rest:

So I tired to make more of this, which ended up as a very pleasant late night session at the kitchen table:

Terence McKenna described the beings that he encountered on his DMT trips as ”dribbling Faberge eggs from Mars”, or something like that. I am sure that Terence McKenna’s accounts of his DMT trips were an inspiration for my drawings.

Recently there have some talks by McKenna been posted as podcasts on the Psychedelic Saloon.
And here is a song of the band Of Monteral, that I discovered on YouTube. I already mentioned that half a year ago. The band reminds me of the Adam&The Ants in their early days. Here is Of Montreal with ”Faberge falls fior Shuggie”:

The quality of the sound on this clip is not very good, but I don’t want to upload music that you can by on CD or at I-Tunes.