Sunday, 18 January 2009

Based on the picture on the sleeve of this 45, you mind think it is a joke, but I am afraid it isn’t. I think this Roberto means what he is singing.

On the B-side is a song called ”He-she”, and on the A-side he sings ”I am what I am””. It is clearly a Dutch (wo)man, this Roberto. That makes him a sure candidate for the compilation with Dutch gay songs. So far this is the only Dutch she-male song I have heard.


I have no sexual desires for males, and not even for she-males. I am not interested in the whole phenomenon. But nonetheless, I have a large part of the diary of a Dutch movie producer, who travelled all over this planet to have sex with she-males. I only read a small portion of the diary, but I think it would be easy to publish an article on it in a newspaper. Not that I have plans to do that, of course.
I found this diary on the street, in a pile of garbage. I first noticed some movie stills, which I decided to take with me. But then I noticed all these pieces of paper with handwriting on it, that were already a bit wet, because it had just started to rain. I just took a large pile, I was in a hurry, I had to get to a place where I was supposed too paint a hall that day, and I was not really in the mood to go through wet garbage.
If I can find what I have kept of this diary, I will show some of it tomorrow.



2009-01-18 13:49:47

What a story. Which movie producer is this. Oh no, better publish it without revealing his identity (but feel free to email it to me, ha ha).


2009-01-18 15:27:13

My goodness. Crazy record. Very interesting story.