Mondo Nudo

Saturday, 10 January 2009

One good thing about this blog is that I can finally turn my worst finds into some use. Well, writing about records, that I hoped to be spectacular but turned out to be absolutely hopeless, will not add to my reputation, but I have kept some of these records on my shelves for decades, hoping that one day I could take some form of revenge for wasting so much money on these monsters.
I a sorry that you have be a witness of this internal struggle with bad taste, but I promise not to write about all the lousy records that I have bought in my life.

”Mondo Nudo is sure one of the worst LP’s in this category. It is the soundtrack to a movie, and if I only had looked a bit better at the pictures on the cover, I could have known that I might just have well thrown my money out of the window: people fishing, three children dressed up as African warriors, and a woman painting her toe nails, that is not exactly a prelude to hardcore porno music. And it isn’t, let me tell you that.
Most of the 12 instrumental songs, all composed by Teo Usuelli, sound as a soundtrack to a documentary on the milking of goats or the harvesting of potatoes. Even if the songs have titles as ”Hiroshima”, ”L’ultimo kamikaze” or ”Danza propiziatoria della nascita di un bimbo nella jungla”.
Here is the only song that sounds somewhat as what I hoped for:




2009-01-10 12:15:03

This particular track sounds nice enough for me indeed.
And … I don’t mind at all if you write about lousy records every now and then!
Makes me feel less lonely ;-)


2009-01-11 14:16:29

This track is great! Thanks. I love me some syrupy Italian easy listening kitsch so I might dig that whole album. Is it really that bad? I think I even contemplated buying it online years ago. But like you, I never checked what actually was in those pictures. My wishful thinking mind had already colored them in with crazy exotic porn imagery.


2012-08-06 23:00:14

and do you want sell this LP ? I’m very very interested !