Free fonts

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hans Lijklema sent me a package with, among many other things, a book that he has just published:

And here is what the book says about itself on the back cover:

I know Hans Lijklema because he offered me to help me making fonts of some of my alphabets. For all kind of reasons this is still a work in progress.
Only after I had read this book, I realised that Hans is far more than just a guy who offered to help me out. I mean, to write a book like “this” you have to be a hard core typography lover.
Apart from a collection of over 500 fonts from all corners of the world, there are also interviews with some of the font designers. Like Jeroen ”Shamrock” Klaver:

Most of the fonts are designed to be used for books or other forms of long texts. I am of course most of all interested in the more exotic fonts. These are also in the book, and on the CD that comes with the book, but I will write about these another time. You can buy the book here.
In the package were also some Polish CD’s. Hans lives in Warsaw, and this is not the first time he sends me a pile of recent Polish aluminium. And it is cool stuff. Like this mini-CD by a Slawa:

I don’t even know if Slawa is a woman or a man, but (s)he sure rocks!