De Softies

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Last year I wrote a few times about Dutch gay records, and the idea to make a best of compilation. Like many other ideas that I mention in this blog, you have to live long to see these ideas realised. And not only you have to live long, I will have to stay around too for a quite a while. But this “Homo Vinylis” idea is too good too let it go to waste.
Last week I found another LP from a Dutch gay band: De Softies. I would lie if I said that I have played this find to death in the past few days, but as you know, Dutch gay records are not easy to find, so you won’t hear a bad word from me about this LP.
The record is from 1982 and it sounds a bit like the early Toontje Lager, but the tunes of De Softies are not as catchy as those of Toontje Lager. The lyrics are decent but explicit. Just like the sleeve:

Here is ”Er is een man”, which would be my choice for the forthcoming “Retro Homo” compilation: