The art of science

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I have a collection of newspaper pictures that were used as illustrations for science articles. My idea was to make huge paintings based on these of these photographs. I am sure that it would make a great exhibition. But so far I have not found the time to do it. My working space is way too small for such projects anyway. I have grown used to working on very small sizes, usually the size of a postcard. These paintings should be real big.
Today I began sorting out some of my favourite pictures. Here are some of them:

I wonder if anybody recognises what these pictures are about. I would not, if I hadn’t written it down somewhere.
Maybe I should forget about the paintings and only put the whole collection online. I like the way these pictures look on a computer screen.

I am not a very visual person. Or maybe I am a very visual person and therefore limit the input of visual stimuli. Watching a movie often exhausts me, and it often takes days before it is out of my mind again. On new years eve I saw half an hour of ”The sound of music” and it still haunts my mind. I don’t like that, I prefer to have an empty inner screen.
Sound are different for me: I don’t hear much music in my head, and it rarely bothers me when I do. I guess that is why I love to listen to music: I need to take it in from outside. I can produce images from inside, but no music.
Here is an excerpt of the talk by Terence McKenna that is posted as podcast #166 on Psychedelic Salon. I already mentioned it yesterday, but when I listened to it again, I couldn’t resist using it as today’s Soundtrack. I am still amazed that this man is so unknown. I consider him as the most exciting talker that ever walked on this planet, as far I can judge this, of course.

This ”Dream Awake” talk, as it is called, is one of my favourite talks by Terence McKenna. It lasts much longer than the 10 minutes that I selected. So if you have the time, listen to the complete podcast.