Jewels 1

Monday, 5 January 2009

This is an LP that sounds far much better than I expected when I bought it:

It is a theme album, with 14 instrumental songs with a jewel in the title:

The harmonica player is a man called Harry Pitch, which sounds as a name too good to be true.

Especially because this is an LP that, when I played it in my deejay days, I often played it on a higher speed than it was meant to be played. Using the pitch control to upgrade records is a trick that I no longer use; I prefer records that don’t need that. But back then I experimented a lot with playing and mixing records at wrong speeds.
Here is Harry Pitch with ”Topaz for a Latin lover”:

The music on this LP is jazzy, sometimes even soulful, with great organ playing by a guy called Kenny Salmon. Very unlike many other LP’s in the harmonica sector.
Here is another track, ”String of pearls”: