Saturday, 31 January 2009

I was at Flesh Records & Books last week. Harry Berkhout, the owner, gave me an LP that he had kept aside for Milan. But Milan is in Cairo, and Harry’s computer is dead, so he asked me to inform Milan about this LP:

Milan, you can have it for 25 euro’s. It is an LP with a fold out sleeve from 1978, released on Argo. There is booklet with full colour pictures in the sleeve, and a story of the excavation of the tomb by Howard Carter. Both the vinyl,the sleeve and the inlay are in mint condition.

There is both music and spoken word on the LP. Here is an excerpt of the music, composed by Gamal Salama:

And here is an excerpt from the story, written by Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed:

Milan, if you want the LP, send me a mail, then I will print it and give it to Harry. It is a small world, so why not use the connections that we have, hey?
My interest in ancient Egypt is mainly esoteric, but this story of the tomb of Tutankhamun is fascinating.
I wish I was there when they opened up that tomb. It must have been one of the most exciting archaeological finds ever made. It must have been as if a time machine was discovered that came from 1350 BC!