Sunday, 4 January 2009

I have to get rid of a lot of records and comic books. Most of my records are storedin the room of my son, and I planned to get them out of our house many years ago. But he is already fourteen now and the amount of records must have doubled since. The comic books are stored in a garage of a friend. It must be ten boxes or more.
My love has opened up an account on e-Bay for selling the records and an account on Marktplaats for the comic books. We know that it is all not worth very much, but we can use the money, so we are going to give it a try. I just made scans of some random LP’s that I will put up on e-Bay, just to see if there is any interest at all.
I know several people who sell a lot on Marktplaats. One neighbour literally puts everything up for sale, and he sells it too. Every time we meet, he tells me another amazing success story. Old clothes, left over paint, children toys, artwork, furniture, car parts, he has sold everything, and for more money than I would believe if he had told me in advance.
I never have been good at selling anything, and I never did my best to sell much either. I used to give records and comic books away, and over the years that must have been enough to fill a large room. But now I will try to sell some stuff! I will keep you informed, whether you like it or not.
Among the first LP’s that I put up for sale is an Elvis bootleg: ”In my way”. It was released on Laurel Records and contains alternative takes of songs from ”Wild in the country” and ”Blue Hawaii”. I used to do logo’s for Laurel Records for a while, and I got a copy of every LP that I did something for.

These bootlegs were made strictly for hardcore Elvis fans. There were LP’s released with the alternative takes of one single song only! I only kept a handful of these LP’s. I found it nice to listen to them one or two times, because Elvis didn’t like dubs. He recorded everything with a full band. But most of the takes are almost identical; they weren’t used because something went wrong. Only on a few takes that I have heard the band really does something interesting that did not end up on the official release.
Here is from ”In my way” an alternative take of ”I slipped, I stumbled, I fell”.

You can buy he LP on e-Bay.



2009-01-04 02:23:50

Good luck selling on ebay. Hope it won’t give you a headache!


2009-01-05 11:25:03

I would add some more info to your listings. That Art Blakey album for example, is that an original Blue Note or a later pressing?