Early morning paintings

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Up till he was eleven, our son used to wake up very early. Often around six o’clock. I am not good at functioning when I am sleepy, but there was no choice. My love did far more early morning shifts than I did, so i have not much to complain,but I remember this period as one of the toughest times of my life. To sit at a table with the person you love more than anything else on the planet, but only being able to think of getting some sleep, was very painful and embarrassing.
Usually we did a painting session, which our son loved to do. Because I had nothing else to do, I painted too, but I was usually much too tired to be inspired. For a while I made paintings with the paint that was left over by our son; I hate to throw anything away, even water paint, that costs less than cola. I just re-discovered one series of paintings, of which I made more than a hundred. Basically they all look very much the same. Here are a few:

It is amazing how drawings like these look so much better on a computer screen. Of course, these paintings were meant to symbolise the Light, but on paper they look not that shiny. Neither looked I when I made them.
I never did anything with this stuff, and I wouldn’t know what to with it anyway. Well, I did tried how these paintings worked out as a back ground for other drawings, but I have no idea where these are. And I remember that the result was not spectacular.
Of course, music often saved my life during these early mourning sessions. I loved to listen to Sky radio back then, because this was the time when I discovered The Hall Of Records. I have still not written that story, apart from this introduction. But that is on the list for future episodes of this Soundtrack!
Here is a typical Hall Of Records song. All you have to do to hear the Open Secret, that has been the core message of all awakened ones from the beginning of time, is to think of the “you” in the song as yourself, and as Jesus or Buddha as the lead singer of the Stylistics.

My love uses one of the paintings as backgroundsreen on her computer. Works better than coffee!


Rudy Talbo

2008-12-05 09:51:06