Castles in the air

Monday, 22 December 2008

If you have young children, you are probably familiar with site like On this site (and many similar sites) you can download drawings that are meant to colour. Well, it is free, and the children like it, but man, what a poor artwork is there on these sites!

I mean poor in fantasy; technically speaking there are some quite nice pieces of artwork to be found on these sites, but it is not what you want your kids to spend an hour or more working on.

In the past few years tried to please our children with home made drawings that I think are more inspired and inspiring, but that is not that easy. Not only is it a lot of work making such drawings, but our children turned out hard to please. In fact, they prefer the crappy stuff offered on these sites.

By the way, these dreamcastles were inspired by Ana Serrano’s Cartonlandia.

And here is Don McLean, about who I will write more before the year is over!




2008-12-22 05:25:57

Did you do these? The’re stunning.


2008-12-22 13:19:11

Let’s start a site called

I really want to live in one of your castles! I do wonder what the inside of these architectural treasures must look like!


2008-12-22 18:53:24

I love them. And your kids don’t like them? Get some new kids, I’d say.
And what a nasty site,


2008-12-23 05:21:56

I would not mind putting up a site with good quality coloring pages, Frits: maybe you could ask some comic artists to donate a page or two… We just need a good name for the site. Please send in suggestions!