Amy (part 1)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

The past few days I have been searching the Net for music of Amy Winehouse that I haven’t heard yet. To my surprise I did find some nice stuff, enough to fill another CDr.

On Wikipedia I read a list of songs that are said to be recorded but never released. Three or four of these songs could be found somewhere on fansites, and although they are from the pre-Black-to-black days, they are quite good. There is also a lot of live recordings that I don’t mind listening to. But the biggest surprise was a video made this year, in which Amy did a guest appearance during a come back concert of The Specials, given trhee months ago. She didn’t sing much, but she looked surprisingly alive, considering all the bad stories that have been in the media since she sort of disappeared.

I wonder what the Specials are up to. Are they recording new songs?! This band is one of my favourites, but their last LP must be twentyfive years old or so, so I hope that they still have the magic they had back then. This video from their recent concert did not give me the feelings that I get when I see this video, made in the eighties: