Max Woiski (part 3)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Dolf Hell gave me a cassette tape, that he had bought from De Concertzender. In 2000 Henk Braaksma did an hour radio on Max Woiski. I transferred the tape to CDr and discovered a song that is not on any record that I have heard so far.
I try to make a drawing of Max Woiski for every CDr that I make, but there are not much pictures available that I can use for examples. I have only four photo’s and he looks very different on all of them. I gave the first CDr (the one with the 78rpm records) to the granddaughter of Max; she happens to be the teacher of our daughter! She said she could recognise her grandfather in my drawing. I hope she can recognise him in this one too:

Here is the song that De Concertzender dug up from their archives. It is an advertisement record made in/for Surinam by Amstel Beer:

And here is a video that made me enthousiast to dig deeper in the life of Max Woiski: